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Best place, of course, is WORD OF MOUTH.  These are the books your friends say you gotta read (or listen to).  Next, try some LISTS.  Lists can be your friends, too, like NOVELIST and its inclusive category of Award Winners List.  Novelist is a library-subscribed database, maybe not all inclusive, but certainly a great starting point for finding SOMETHING TO READ.  Go to the library main page and click on Novelist to start.  I’ve included some good websites on this blog, but believe me there are more out there.  I often just go to AMAZON to look for quick reviews and you’ll find more LISTS there, too.  I do like TEENREADS.COM a lot for current and upcoming releases.  The AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION’S ‘YALSA’ (Young Adult Librarians) is also something you can look at without joining.  PUBLISHERS also have some great ‘I love what we’re publishing’ sites that can direct you you to their featured authors.  Well, this is a QUICK entry into the blog.  Oops, almost forgot….if you have an author you enjoy reading, go to the AUTHOR WEBSITE….often, the author will say who they LOVE TO READ and steer you onto more good stories and books.  GOOD LUCK!  LOVE THE BOOK!  (and don’t forget you can DOWNLOAD AUDIO BOOKS through the OCLN catalog… FREE! MP3s the best bet…take the book with you on that bus ride…)

SPEAK OF THE DEVIL… I get Kristen Cashore’s blog regularly and in the newest, yes, she makes RECOMMENDATIONS  of her favorite books/authors.  This girl is a reading FIEND (in a nice way).  She also must be very savvy in the ways of blogging as you get the full complement of video/audio/highlights accoutrements.  Just fun.  Try it.

PS:  Do check out the websites to the side.  Hmmmmm, I think I need to go to James Patterson’s or Anthony Horowitz’s sites.  GUYS READ, TOO. Oh, that reminds me of another site…., you choose what level you need to see….John Scieczka’s offering with other Guy authors to all those guys out there who read (REAL BOOKS).