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What’s on MY bookshelf? Glad you asked….


Let’s face it, my bookshelf tends to lend itself to piles of books dispersed around the house…on the lr table, the kitchen chair, the nightstand, the desk, on the floor by the couch.  Sometimes books come home and never get read (like that never happens to you), and I feel guilty that they came all that way for nothing.  Sometimes a book may come to my house 2 or even 3 times before it actually gets read.  Oh well, books are not as sensitive as people can be.  Books are actually pretty patient and will wait HUNDREDS of years to be read.   I am lucky to have almost daily contact with VORACIOUS TEEN READERS, and I wonder how they do read all they do with all that is asked of teens these days – school, homework, sports, theatre, friends, home responsibilities, jobs, etc., but they do.  Anyway, back to me.  I love my new copy of Chicks with Sticks: a Guide to Knitting  AND I am shelving the library’s copy in the YA  non-fic section.  There’s a fun series of books called ‘Chicks with Sticks : It’s a Purl Thing’ by Nancy Lenhard which is like the Friday Night Knitting Club for teen knitters.  But the knitting guide is non-fiction, oh, yeah, non-fiction, try reading David Small’s Stitches, a graphic memoir of his growing up.  If you are looking for an unusual author/illustrator biography, this is great.  Don’t know what David Small wrote? Hit and you’ll probably recognize his art.  Best book lately was Catching Fire by Kristin Cashore, and I am looking forward to finally reading John Green’s Papertown, this year’s Teen Top Ten winner.  Authors I will ALWAYS take the time to scan are Pete Hautman, Mark Zuzak, Polly Horvath, Libba Bray, Sherman Alexie…yes, I read Twilight, etc. and support book frenzy wholeheartedly to a point.  I use VOYA (Voice of Youth Advocates), School Library Journal, Kirkus Reviews and the Book Page among other resources when scouting for what is coming up for teen titles of interest.  So magazines are in those book piles, too.  I the love Readergirlz website and just read an AWESOME essay on the Guyslitwire website about independent bookstores.  GUYS, you would really like this site if you gave it a chance – it’s dark, edgy and offers a range of recommendations for male readers.  At this point, although I wanted to share what’s on my bookshelf I have to admit to rambling and also that my book piles are like shifting sands…constantly shaped by what comes across from patron requests, what’s read in the review sources, patron recommendations and  professional WHIM (I love whim.). Non-fiction choices can be both regimented (new Peterson’s college guides, Points of View for contemporary topic discussion) and creative (those teen knitting books, movie making for teens, global interest topics).  Fiction ? I always read the first sentence or paragraph to hear how the author sucks me into the story.  There are books that start out not so promisingly but really deliver in the end so that ‘first sentence’ method is not foolproof.  I like choice so that is why the library is AMAZING…YOU’VE GOT CHOICE!  So if you’ve got a library card, FLAUNT IT!  I use it deliriously at times.  Well, rambling can be effective but not if it goes on too long.  Keep looking for stories that appeal to you and fling your net wide.  My bookshelf, in all honesty, is the desk, the floor, the table, sometimes the shelf and sometimes the car’s CD player (love HP audio books).  Lest you think my books lead a dangerous life, I do keep a careful watch on their comfort and whereabouts. What’s on YOUR bookshelf? Or table? Or favorite chair? Or IPod?

 My faves.

New, newer, newest…arrivals on your local book shelves


Some new titles are in…

Things Not Seen, Andrew Clements; Avatars, Books 1,2 & 3, Tui T. Sutherland; Sweetgrass Basket, Marlene Carvell; Fire, Kristin Cashore; Bluford High series; Ender’s Game, the graphic novelization, Orson Scott Card…new books are still located on the hardcover fiction shelves.  AND DON’T FORGET, DOWNLOADABLE BOOKS….you can take them anywhere and the selection is good.

and just to add a few more visuals, here are couple shots of Saturday’s Football & Food with Chef Robert.  It was delish!

Leftovers? I don’t think so…

Wrestlemania & Game Night…1 for the books, actually 2 for the books

WWW Reading Challenge 2009-10

All it takes is 10 books & your reading mind

First, let’s just say I am into the color enhancement of these new posts.  To the left is the visual for Wrestlemania Reading Challenge 1009-10.  This is a very simple way to have some fun.  Simply read 10 books and turn in a log made available in the Teen Reads Area near the Wrestlemania poster.  Take home a Bookmark Contest flyer….create….return….win recognition and maybe, just maybe…$2000 and a trip to WrestleMania 26.  Don’t like wrestling?  Let’s talk about that later…this could be fun for non-wrestlers and wrestlers alike, especially the artistic, ‘readie’ ones.

Smash Brothers @ SPL

And our Game Night with Ooch featured some good things…the DuckTape Mania was staffed by Michael Vitacco and, I believe, the wonders of ducktape has new fans now.

Ooch has the complete set-up for gaming, and thank you to Emily Dehainut and John Bishop for acting as gaming assistants for Ooch.  We had 25 gamers and ‘tapers’ show up.  The Magic the Gathering table also saw a lot of action.  Thank you to Ben Johnson-Staub for providing guidance and expertise for the game.  I hope as the Teen Advisory Group gets going, more suggestions & ideas can manifest from YOU, the teen patron.  Thanks for coming if you were there.  Thanks for reading.

readergirlz…you’ve got to go to this website


rgztvlogo[1]Music, authors, hot titles…this is a superior website.  This is pink because it’s aimed at the female readers of this blog…are there any guys out there who take a look at this? Downloads are awesome on readergirlz, too.  Stay in touch with the up and coming book recommendations, interviews and more.  Oh, this one is SO much fun.  HEADS UP, TWILIGHT FANS….online chat 11.21 for Twilighters.  Anyway, take a moment if you haven’t already.