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On camera book reviews…..


SPL has had a very active Massachusetts Children’s Book Award group for a number of years.  The 2009-2010 MCBA members (27 strong) just voted for their individual favorite to win the award at our last meeting.  Each member was asked to prepare a little promo for the book that reader would like to see win, and I filmed these mini-reviews with my Flipcam.  You know, it was fun – fun to do, fun to watch and a great way to spread enthusiasm for the book(s) you like. I dunno, just a lot of library/book promotional potential out there and how to reel it in….check out a ‘produced’ video for The Hunger Games (above this post. 3.2.2010) and tell me you couldn’t do this yourself…with a little help from your friends.


A New Year’s To Remember….Teens of the Chinese Folk Art Workshop


Thanks to Emma, Lili, Lana and Rose for handing out programs at the 2010 Lunar New Event.  Here’s a quick clip of the “Lion Dance.”  Twenty-five teens from the Boston area involved in the Chinese Folk Art Workshop Boston presented a not to be believed performance for the audience of 500.  Teens rock!…Here’s the video…the rest will be on Sandwich Community TV soon….

new ‘TAG’ fashion….


This logo is designed by a friend of one of the TAGers (Teen Advisory Group).  What do you think?  I love it!  I am still waiting for the NAME of the artist…where is it, PH?…..but I am sure that will come soon.  At any rate, this is just a heads up for the TAGs. Interested?  Check out the page on the Teen Advisory Group.  Super Up! Or not….that’s me.



Isn’t this THE best creature ever?  Anyway….On MARCH 20, SATURDAY AT 2-3:30 PM, Expert on hand will be here with yarns, needles, knitting accoutrements and expertise for YOU, the wanna do good, would be knitter!  Not written in stone yet, there will be book talk, knitting talk, anonymous chat and who knows.  Many teen groups do ‘knitting for a cause’ so perhaps you’d like to think about that…At any rate, this is free, easy and holds some possibilities for teens 12-18 years, boys and girls, jocks and geeks, blonds and goths…you name it, you can still knit!  DO ME A FAVOR & PLEASE REGISTER… it’s still ok to just show up, but the goodies are better when I know how many to ‘goodify.’ Thanks.  Your first pair of knitting needles is free!  :O)

Daily is doable?


So today I read teens are logging off blogging and adhering to the short sweetness of twittering and Facebook. Here’s the quote “A new study has found that young people are losing interest in long-form blogging, as their communication habits have become increasing brief, and mobile…”. There’s more of course, but here’s another quote placed at the end, ” ‘It’s a matter of typing quickly. People these days don’t find reading that fun,’ said Sarah Rondeau, 18, freshman at College of the Holy cross in Worcester, Mass.”  IS THAT TRUE? You don’t find reading fun?  Well, reading is a sedentary art, a moment of just you and the printed word, not hundreds of friends scattered on the net.  Hardly ever do you find great gangs of readers roaming the streets intently looking down at the BOOKS or driving a car while turning a page and heading into the next chapter.  Who’s screaming in public after they find out Bella has just dissed a vampire and is in mortal danger?  Gosh, no one, thank goodness. I hate public screaming.  But what is the point of this commentary?  Just that I would miss the readers I have; I would miss the blogs (not all, of course) out there that are for me, like reading a good letter (written one of those lately?) so boohoo, times change, life goes on and goes net, BUT I really do like READERS – silent, loud, shy, overt, messy, tidy, obnoxious, sweet, macho, laidback, upfront, satisfied, hungry for more, adventurous, habitual, and etc. – it takes all kinds and it’s worth it.  Trust me…you read it on a blog.