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There’s a new Blog on the block….


TAGgers are creative, let’s do it people so thank you to Kaitlin and Kourtney Meiss who have designed and executed the 1st TAGblog   …keep track of what these people are up to, what programs may be in the works for teens and more.  I’ve also just gotten some new suggestions for YA music CDs to order for the initial launch collection.  Every little bit of energy, suggestions, volunteer effort, showing up and taking a moment to give us your considered opinion counts in the life of a library. So, comment, question and query away at the new blog and the old one.  Next TAG meeting: Saturday, April 24, 3 pm Teen Reads area.


Daily Grind or is it the Daily Find….


Anyway, I am just gearing up for the POET SPEAK taking place 4.29, Thursday at the Grange.  BE THERE!  AI is on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, so send your votes to your favorite spoken word teen poet instead.  And a HEADS UP for the Lauren Myracle visit coming in May – May 7, I think – for some good hard contact with a real, live author talking about her new book ’13’.  Some of Lauren’s books are: Kissing Kate, Peace, Love and Baby Ducks, and the TTYL, TTFN, etc. series..  Don’t miss it.  In the meantime, this was just a blurb to keep my fingers trained and ready for the next blog binge…now to try to get the Facebook account on here.  :O( < :O)



Are you a graduating High School senior residing in Sandwich?  Do you plan to earn an Associate’s/Bachelor’s degree?  The Friends of the Sandwich Public Library invite applications for the brand new, very welcome ‘Richard J. Connor Award’, a $500 award to the recipient.  The Essay Question is the kicker….”How does a library benefit you and the community?”.  Well, how does it?  It’s funny how things taken for constants can actually be challenged and asked to quantify their existence. I am looking forward to the applications and the essays to find out how the library is seen ‘out there.’  Years ago, you always CAME to the library (or if you were/are homebound the library comes to you…) and now, here we are: a library building heavily used and a library catalog heavily used….the library is both ‘innies’ and ‘outies’ now courtesy of the internet.  No more pondering, just a heads up for the award.  Spread the word about this one to your Sandwich seniors, regardless of where they are attending high school.

PS:  Who IS Richard J. Connor?  Richard J. Connor has been the Director of the Sandwich Public Library for the past 33 years…he was practically a teenager when he started. A job well done, Mr. Connor.

PSS:  The applications are available to download on the library website: .

Restless by Rich Wallace


Stumbling into some interesting books …hey, stumbling works!  Anyway, this title is a read for the male readers…Restless is a ghost story about  reconnecting with the past,  unsettled desires and dealing with the present. The story starts out in the past. A young Irish lad with no future ahead of him, meets a bully and a girl all on the same night.  Both meetings have their impact, and the young man dies trying to prove something to himself rather than others.  He fails and therein lies the tale as Herbie – a present, contemporary teen – runs through a graveyard and feels this past presence of the young man reaching out to him in a very physical way.  Herbie is also the surviving son of a family, torn apart by the death 10 years earlier of his older brother from leukemia.  And brother Frank, felt but not seen, is also around just like the presence at the graveyard.  Herbie’s first sentence in the book sets it up: “I’ve been thinking about the undead. Those that hover in the gap between body and spirit….”.  I guess you have to believe a little in the afterlife or ‘between life’ to read this one, but maybe not.  This is a good read for high school guys.  Rich Wallace is the author of a number of books set in Sturbridge, Pennsylvania.  Pretty much all of them have a sport bent…Herbie attempts to understand things going on his life by trying out for 2 sports – cross country and football – you might say running is Herbie’s self-inflicted therapy. Well, with the configuration of two restless spirits manifesting in their own way and the very active life of Herbie, the story balances well the real and the ‘unreal’ (or undead as Herbie likes to say).  Recommended.  I’ll try one of his other books after reading this one.  Tell me what you think.

POET SPEAK:Teen Performance Poetry Slam


April is here so that means….NATIONAL POETRY MONTH and TEEN PERFORMANCE POETRY SLAM.  This year, earn money $$ and fame or at least quiet admiration for speaking your poetry out loud at the East Sandwich Grange, April 29th, 6:30-8:30 pm, Thursday.  The accent is on poetry AND performance, so even tho reading your poem is perfectly acceptable, you get points for ENLIVENING your poetry with your personal performance of your original poetry.  The beauty of poetry – as opposed to the beauty of prose – is its accessibility to the writer.  There are ‘poem rules’ but essentially the ‘Poem Rules’ and the writer can feel comfortable with most anything that shows up to become THEIR poem.  Entry forms are here at the library and at SHS library and I am trying to get a PDF version for the blog (which may not show up today, but I’ll keep trying…).  The competition is open to all high school students, grades 9-12 on the Cape.  Tell your friends to ‘siobhan’ you and show up to support you as poet.  FYI: 1st : $75; 2nd  $50, 3rd  $25 and Audience Favorite $25 plus all who submit and perform receive something of value to the emerging poet.  Need some background on poetry slams?  Check out these websites/contacts: ; and google/bing away at poetry slamming.  You are not alone writing poetry. And that’s a good feeling….share it.

The Poet Speak entry form is listed under ‘Poetry’ links on the right screen image.  :O)