Monthly Archives: June 2011

It’s a grad thing…..


Congratulations to the graduating seniors of Sandwich High School.  The Children’s Room at the Sandwich Public Library has been a part of many of the graduates lives.  Many of the graduates have been a part of the library life.  I’d especially like to congratulate Kaitlin Meiss and say thank you to YEARS of participation of events, volunteering and supporting the community aspect of library services.  Lili Henderson, too, who along with Kaitlin were our first ever Teen Interns last summer.  We congratulate Colleen Sullivan, recipient of the Richard J. Connor Scholarship 2011.  Colleen was so much fun have here as she completed her Senior Independent Study and volunteered her time this past fall.  Oh, and Andy Esborn, Puppeteer Extraordinaire?  Well, he will always be remembered as a hilarious and wonderful advocate of our Sandwich Junior Puppeteer’s experience.  What a great family, too!  There are lots of names that won’t be mentioned here but we at the Library just want to say Congratulations! to our library friends who are now entering the ‘Adult’ card status, college, working, exploring, and figuring out how to live a life that has no bells  or over the loudspeaker announcements or the friends you saw every day for years that now only get seen on holidays, weekends or Facebook.  It just keeps going, doesn’t it?