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Check this one out…thisisteen is not just about books. It’s about the experience of reading and relating.  It’s about connecting with those who have similar likes and interests. and it’s about connecting with the authors who inspire us in a way no one else can.  thisisteen brings people together to exchange ideas with authors and friends, share photos and videos, discover the joy of writing and win great prizes…

I copied this directly from their promo material…check it out.

I am impressed…


 And the winner is…. Abby Hanson with the Bookie of Jodi Picoult’s My Sister’s Keeper. Second was Rachel Thomas’ Divergent, Lana Henderson was third with a wonderful Bookie about the non-fiction title, Mao’s Last Dancer. Kristen Gregg also submitted a Bookie, but unfortunately technical difficulties stopped it’s presentation.  Matt Carmichael opened the evening with a set of original work (guitar, ukelele) with Vanessa Gregory and Amy McDonogh bringing us some very nice covers from Robert Thomas, Plain White Tees and others.  Nicely done local amazing talent.  I thank businesses for their generous donations of items for our raffle.  AND, once again, Sarabeth Gall provided an incredible cake and stupendous cupcakes.  Thanks to all who came…now to link you up to those videos…..

Mao’s Last Dancer  Lana Henderson

Divergent  Rachel Thomas

My Sister’s Keeper  Abby Hanson

Thank you!

Carmichael & Gregory….the 2nd Annual Bookie Awards 8/19


To me, this is a brilliant idea, The Bookie Awards, that is.  BUT so far very few – if any – producers of Bookies.  Regardless of THAT, Matthew Carmichael & Vanessa Gregory will be playing for the crowd on Friday night, the cake will be there, the TVs will be saluted and Teen Readers can relax and enjoy the moment.  Planning teen events can be, ahem, well, open to response…Last year’s Bookies was the release of Mockingjay as well.  This year, no major release, just a huge thank you to our T(een) V(olunteers) and ‘You Are Here’ participators.  I’d also like to thank the Sandwich Kiwanis Levreault Trust for continueing to support library programming for teen readers and more.  Soooooo, please do come…there is a courtesy registration at, Events Calendar, but don’t let the lack of rsvping stop you from showing up.  August 19th, Friday, 6-8 pm.  Thanks!

The Cake of Distinction for TVs