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Head’s Up! Free Writing Workshop


The Cape cod Writers Center is holding a day long free workshop entitled ‘Tomorrow’s Writers Today’ with authors Saturday, Nov. 5 at the Barnstable Intermediate School in Hyannis.  It is a chance to work with published local authors and hone your own skills as a blossoming writer. Applications must be post marked by October 24.  I have some of the forms available in the Teen Reads Area or you can go to the website to see what it’s all about.  Good luck!

This I think could be fun…..


Three ‘events’ to share:


Create your version of one of the following famous paintings – Seurat’s ‘Sunday Afternoon at the Island of Grand Jatte’; Grant Wood’s ‘American Gothic’, Edvard Munsch’s ‘The Scream’ or Edward Hopper’s ‘The Nighthawks’. You can use real people, pets, fruits & vegetables, whatever to create your ‘faux tableau’ and win  $50 for Best in Show Parody of Great Art.  You must be a Sandwich resident and in grades 6th-12th to submit a digital photo (via camera or phone cam). Your name and the name of anyone appearing in the photo must be submitted (as well as location) by Friday, October 21, 8:30 pm.  The Winner will be chosen by a Peer Panel of Teen Volunteers. Click on Permissionform   to open PDF form for submissions.


6th,7th,8th Grade Book Club Starter Kit Meeting, Wednesday, October 12th.  Courtesy register on the Events Calendar.  YOU design the design, we’ll help you read and feed all those interested.


Teen Volunteers for the school year?  If you are interested, drop-in interest meeting on Saturday, October 15th at 3 pm in the Teen Reads area.

What else?  Still looking for Book Reviewers to submit reviews for our blog.  Thanks.