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SO MANY READERS….Why No Writers? Hmmmmm, dilemma…


Not to make ANYONE feel bad but does anyone out there like to write?  I know the kindles, e-books, ipads, etc. have their fans (rightly so) but, frankly, those old ‘made out of dead trees’ books are always flying out of here, too. And the stories inside are fantastic. My complaint? Plea?

BOOK COMMENTATORS!!!! YOU ARE NEEDED/WANTED/DESIRED! Your commentary doesn’t even have to be loooooonnnnnng, just readable. I can’t read all these books and it drives me crazy. So, please contact me if you have any desire to commend, trash or expose a story/book you’ve read lately and would be willing to have it posted on this blog.  Always looking for readership and now, writership. Once, twice or ?, I’d love  one-time commentators as well as those who might want to try for more. Thanks and do think about it.  Anybody read ‘The Name of the Star’ by Maureen Johnson?

POET SPEAK 2012….it’s a go.


So happy to announce that a grant written to the Arts Foundation of Cape Cod to fund an extra fervent Poet Speak 2012 has been successful!  What this means is…Cape Poet Christine Rathbun will be hosting a workshop free of charge for upper cape high school students who would like to go further with their out loud poetry skills and compete in the growing number of poetry slams for teens on the Cape, specifically the Poet Speak we hold in Sandwich AND the All Cape Grand Slam held at the Cape Cod Cultural Center. I plan on showing the film, “Louder Than a Bomb”, the fantastic journey of teen poets at the largest teen poetry slam in the US (Chicago), which is so inspiring even if you don’t write poetry, you are going to support those poets who put themselves and their words out there for the rest of us.  WHY POETRY? WHY SAY THESE THINGS OUT LOUD? I don’t know, it’s something so human and pushy that it just makes sense.  So, please, please, please keep an ear out for that poetry moment coming soon to your area.  I thank the Arts Foundation for their generous acceptance of the grant proposal, the Friends of the Sandwich Public Library who have always made possible this event and everyone else out there who will SHOW UP to support poetry and it’s perpetrators. Yeah, all good.