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The New and the Old…..


The New and the Old…books, friends, stories, technology and so forth.  Goin’ back over 2011 and thinking about the books.  My favorites that I read were the Hunger Games series, the Young Sherlock Holmes series; the incredible non-fiction book about the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire – ‘Flesh and Blood So Cheap’; the books of Dana Reinhardt, particularly ‘The Things a Brother Knows’ (the PB came out this year) for instance.  This was the 2nd year of The Bookies, and now we have a regular Bookie producer who has created two bookies so far for the blog. Another great way to find out about stories or get into the creative mode with YouTube and do  your own review of something you’ve read and recommend. It was the year of ‘Louder Than a Bomb’ documentary highlighting the largest teen poetry slam in the nation in Chicago.  Inspirational and kick-ass smart.  Our Poet Speak 2011 was small but mighty this year, and coming up is Poet Speak 2012, this year funded in part by a grant from the Arts Foundation of Cape Cod.  Poetry Workshop for teen slam poets/poets coming up in January at the Cotuit Center for the Arts with Christine Rathbun – FREE! The Year of The Rabbit brought the Chinese Folkarts Workshop back to Sandwich to perform at the high school.  A incredible group of teens who present the arts of Taiwan so magnificently.  It’s great to have friends from Taiwan! Summer sped by….but our Sandwich Junior Puppeteers put on another great show, ‘One Wolf, Many Stories’.  Puppets bring out the best (even if your puppet is the villain) in puppeteers.  Kudos for working so well together, SJP! This was the fall to revive the Teen Advisory Group.  I must reinforce that our Teen Volunteers are amazing and so giving of their enthusiasm and time. Love ’em. I know it is a busy world out there for them.

And so, the ebooks are here yet the old-fashioned kind continue to get checked out, too.  Whatever your method, I think the story is tantamount to means.  Dystopian genre seems to be the next Twilight type book fever but great realistic fiction books are churning out as well.  Recently accessed to our collection are two videos for Teen Yoga.  Want to try it in the comfort of your own home with a friend(s)? Check them out.  The beauty of a public library – among other things – is that the services are free, accessible in many ways 24 hours a day (thanks to the internet) and responsive to our patrons.  Reminder:  You can request that we purchase a particular book for the library if it’s not in our collection.  Frankly, there are a lot of readers who are WAY ahead of me on the what’s hot reading list.  I love it.

Teen programming? Well, here’s where I need your suggestions, too.  Poetry, books, arts, science, gaming, costume balls…what works for our community of teens?  As the first screen adaptation of the Hunger Games books comes to the screen in March, planning for our own ‘Games Night’ seems appropriate.  Not too deadly, of course.

This was just a thought cloud to get out there as 2011 winds down.  Here’s wishing all a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Kwanza Joy and simple Peace, Love and Understanding. 

Merry, Merry…..


If you have noticed, the blog has gone holiday….December 1st is here. What has 2011 brought to our library world? Well, the ebook is the new kid on the block, shiny and techie. So, though our spined, tree-originating variety of books – hardcover and paper – may suffer for a moment from the new kid, I think they will still hang in there.  Every book its reader, every e-book its reader. The public library is much more than books, of course, as evidenced by the variety of people (and dogs!) who come into our midst for numerous reasons. What’s coming up for the younger reader (not real young)? Since YA seems to be on every author’s hit list, teens should feel  no lack of love in the literary department (if that is your thing among other things…).  Books into movies are making a big impact.  ‘The Invention of Hugo Cabret’, Spielberg’s ‘War Horse’, and Suzanne Collin’s ‘The Hunger Games’ not to mention the Harry Potter movies that admirably brought Harry’s story to the screen, are movies that may carry the promise of the books.  I do love a good adaptation and don’t have a problem with not getting everything exact in the book’s screen interpretation.  Really bad adaptations do happen (think ‘The Dark is Rising’, even ‘Percy Jackson’ comes to my mind, which were poor screen writing jobs while the writers had great material to work with…). AND, who’s to say we shouldn’t do MOVIE REVIEWS as well as book reviews on this blog.  Hmmmmmm. All you readers out there, thank you for keeping up the circulation of literature AND for using the library as a resource for study, school projects, and programming. Well, I just wanted to get a new comment in so y’all know the blog is still active.  Coming up: Poet Speak 2012 workshop & competition; ‘Year of the Golden Dragon’ Lunar New Year Celebration; ‘The Hunger Games’ movie release party, …..and anything your little heart desires if you will put forward the idea and the effort…we are here to SERVE.

Stop by this Friday at the Open House – 6:30-8 pm – to eat cookies, write cards to soldiers in active duty, and walk around town.