Summer and ‘Night of the Unread: Don’t Let This Happen to You…’


Firstly, the Teen Theme from the Mass Board of Library Commissioners is ‘Own the Night.’ Needfully, I must tinker with that to ‘own’ the idea.  So, Sandwich Summer Teen Reads will be subtitled (after the OWN THE NIGHT): NIGHT OF THE UNREAD: DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!  Zombies, yes (And guess what, I guess we are heading for an invasion whether we like it or not…), Cupcakes, Reel Writing with Kevin Lasit (Wanna write a movie script?), Teen Volunteers, Hunger Games Intergenerational Book Discussion (food supplies for everyone) and the final Zombies vs. Unicorns Wrap-up Event on August 17th.  I encourage reading, reading and creating, creating a themedvideo short of “Night of the Unread: Don’t Let This Happen to You”, this year’s version of our past 2 years of ‘Bookie Awards.’ Rules/Entry info up soon.

The Sandwich program encourages readers entering 7th grade to entering 11th grade to sign on online at , follow directions to create your login identity.  Summer reading sign up begins on Sunday, June 17th.  Prizes for those of you who need just a little incentive to read beyond the end (of school). Feedback, please, and that is not a reference to how zombies like to chew.  Feedback is book reviews, comments, registering for the events – I am SO excited to have Kevin Lasit bring a wonderful workshop on screenwriting for teens! – just showing up.  Enjoy your world and we’d love to be a part of your summer plans. In the end, I just want to say, DO LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU & READ UP THIS SUMMER…paper, downloads, kindle, nook, audio, write your own…DON’T BE THE UNREAD.


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