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Stand Alones…..


Being a ‘stand alone’ is not unique in books, but it can be lonely.  Lately, the trilogies (Hunger Games, Libba Bray’s ‘Gemma Doyle’ books, Maze Runner, Barthemaeus Triology and others) and the series (Twilight, Patterson’s Maximum Ride, Alex Rider, The Clique…and on and on) are the big hotspot holders on shelves and e-readers. I like a good trilogy as well as the next read, and might even be tempted to a series, but must admit that the ‘stand alone’ titles (even the name says ‘I’m over here! Can’t you see me?’) intrigue my reading heart.   I recently finished Jody Lynn Anderson’s Tiger Lily (sooo good). I loved Gordon Korman’s Pop and If I Stay by Gayle Forman.  Peter Abraham’s mysteries have morphed into kind of a series, but initially it was just the one book, the one story, the one good mystery. I love it when I see these single titles returning to be shelved (I’ll never know about the e-books) especially in the summer when so many of the teen readers are desperate (Yes, desperate.) for reading material to relax, zone out and enjoy the peace of crashing with a good story.  There is no doubt that the Hunger Games trilogy is top notch writing and that Katniss deserves to finish out her story but sometimes the opening and closing of one single story with its characters, dilemmas, humors, sadnesses and twists is all I need to be satisfied.  Done. No more. That was it … until I knock on another single occupant literary door that opens to another well-told and imagined world. It is a great time for the serious series reader, so many good ones out there to choose.  But (again) there will be some of us who scout for the stand alone, relish in the one and only and like sinking into a story never to be told again.  Reading is a solitary business after all. Do you have a special ‘stand alone’ that you like?

The VW Pop-Top has left the building….



The evening of the Road Trip….and authors Hilary Weisman Graham – Reunited – and Kristen-Paige Madonia – Fingerprints of You – was grand.  I cannot speak for the numbers, though.  Huge thanks to Emma Vitacco for her interview skills and attending.  This was a really good discussion of authors, readers, bookseller and librarian and writers.  Thanks to Sandwich Community TV we have an interview with Kristen-Paige and Hilary that will be available for viewing. Loved it.  Must work on making such things accessible, timely and so very attractive to teens, though.  Tuesday nights at the Library?  Maybe not so much.  Thanks, Titcomb’s Bookshop and Vicki Titcomb, for support and collaboration. Keep the story going…



The Road Trip Lives!  Two very different YA novels by debut authors but at the core of each story is discovery, desire and destiny.  Yup, the three Ds.  Hilary Weisman Graham, author of ‘Reunited’ and Kristen-Paige Madonia, author of ‘Fingerprints of You’ will be at the Sandwich Public Library TUESDAY NIGHT, SEPTEMBER 11TH, at 6:30 pm.  Thanks to Titcomb’s Bookshop, conversation with LIVE YA AUTHORS happens!  I have finished reading ‘Reunited’ and am now reading ‘Fingerprints of You.’  In my original Event Calendar entry, I recommended for ages 13 years and up…but, I am going to re-format that.  Recommended for 16 years and up AND for moms/aunts/friends of teen readers who can recognize and still relate to the angst and power of high school friendships and circumstances beyond one’s control.  The writing is good.  I am not going to give away anything yet but you can read reviews and check out the books for yourself at the library.  Copies will be available at the event. THIS IS AN OPPORTUNITY young writers out there to speak with authors who are recognized in their own right and who have just published their first YA novels.  Their blogs are worth checking out (I will add them to the list on this blog.).  Please stop by for ‘road trip’ refreshments and meet Hilary and Kristen.  I and hopefully a Teen Volunteer will be interviewing them before the event thanks to the Sandwich High School Media Center students.  Reviews to be up shortly.