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The End of an Era….


2013 new year sparkler

Just a note. I attended the Seniors Award night at the auditorium last night. Too many familiar faces to name…but great to see Emma Vitacco, Sarah McGee (Winner of the Richard J. Connor scholarship), Evan Denmark (Valedictorian!), Molly Travers, Alex Wright, Grace Goodfellow, Shannon Murphy, Patrick Fox, Katie McKenna, Erin Hurley, Elizabeth Reardon, Rachel Mamel, Morgan Casino, Taryn Gaffney (Amazing!), Sarah Balkam, Miranda Swift….there are more but these names are very familiar at the Libes. We hope the public library was of some assistance to you in your journey towards to adulthood. Should be a great graduation. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL!! from your local public library, the Sandwich Public Library.



It’s not the perfect analogy but I’ll stretch to make it fit. There are certain food items that cause me to loose sight of boundaries, can’t eat just one…you guessed, potato chips. So I don’t buy chips (except once in awhile) and I know exactly what will happen if I start the bite…I can’t stop until the bag is close to demolished (I do have some self-control.) So it is with the audio version of Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein. So while I am not literally demolishing the audio version of the book or suffering bad nutrition from listening, I am hooked. I cannot stop listening. I listen in my car. The reader is exquisite in her narration of the book. If you don’t know the story, it is rather complicated in one way but basically and curtly described by me as ‘captured Scottish (not English, you daft fascist) young woman, interrogated by the Gestapo in France, tells and writes the story of what she knows of code, planes, and plans to extend her life….’no, that’s not right. It’s a story of best friends during the war. It is a story within a story. Listening to the story after reading the book, I know key clues to the ending yet that has no affect on continuing to listen to this superb reading. I will not stop despite being brought to tears by listening. Visualizing and seeing the cigarettes that burn Queenie’s neck, the lovely fog of an English countryside seen from a small airplane called a PusMoth. Spies. World War II. Planes. Intrigue. Resourcefulness. I just keep eating those chips, drawn by a taste for a good story, actually a brilliant story. If you like historical fiction, that may be a draw, but the force of fierce friendship during a horrific war is amazing to read. Enjoy this one but don’t make it a fast read. You cannot imagine an ending like this. So forget the chips and just enjoy the irresistible lure of fantastic story-telling. code

PS: There are two voices in the narration: Maddie and Julie. The readers do a fantastic job of intonating other characters. I want to be an outloud book reader!



Boston City FlowStill working on gathering ideas for the summer programming ala ‘Beneath the Surface’, the 2013 Teen Reads theme. Went to the last show of ‘West Side Story.’ CanNOT be more amazed and proud of EVERYONE involved in that show. Now, I am also thinking of the seniors headed off soon to parts known and unknown. And, I think and read and read and read so MANY good stories that I wish people could just kick back and read at leisure – non-fiction included (like ‘Outside the Wire: Amercan Soldiers’ Voices from Afghanistan’ edited by Christine Dumaine Leche) or the wonderful audio version of ‘What Came From the Stars’ by Gary Schmidt. Loved it. Incidences of good things just keep piling up. Well, lots to do. I’ll keep you all informed of what’s coming up for the summer that is FREE, FUN, WORTH CHECKING OUT and HAPPENS COURTESY YOUR LOCAL PUBLIC LIBRARY. In the meantime, please keep in touch and use that library card for the following: downloading free music (Freegal); downloading free books (Freader); requesting books; downloading books (Kindle, E-reader, Nook, etc.); using pesky databases for pesky reports; downloading magazines FREE; just pull out that card and have at it.
PS: Check out the RISING STARS section of 5/13/13 CCTimes. Congrats to Evan Denmark and even more Sandwich RSs mentioned.