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The TAGness of it all…


Thanks to the SIX very present teens who showed up for the reformation of the Teen Advisory Group.  The initial meeting included some goals that represented those in attendance.  The flavor and impetus of any group, I believe, is made up of the personalities and prejudices (the good kind) of those present.  This was a vocal and willing group that had great ideas and listened to my spiel patiently about what the group could be and its mission. The next meeting is Saturday, October 26th at 2:30 pm in the TR area.  Game Night planning is on the agenda.  In the meantime all were asked to talk with friends about their ideas and relativity to our library.  Good luck and thanks!Tag

Dragons and boys, er, girls, er anyone?


eonHere there be dragons…again.  Alison Goodman has written a story of palace intrigue, a girl disguised as a boy in a life and death battle with ancient Chinese ‘dragoneyes’ as the weapons, and an exciting tale completely created from a mythology both created and documented and author imagination. It’s a longer read. Characters are strong and descriptively dialogued and detailed.  Though not a terribly complex read in the wordy aspect, the story still must be kept up to as you read about warring Dragoneyes and the other worldly appearance of the twelve dragons of good fortune.  Eon is an apprenticed to become a power wielder – a Dragoneye- one of twelve boys who will give up their own identity to channel the power of their particular dragon.  If you have any knowledge of the Chinese Lunar calendar, you may know that each particular lunar year is associated with an animal with particular good traits and bad traits.  In this case, the dragons are associated with a year and the animal.  Hmmmm, can I explain this more succinctly?  Eon is actually a girl (crippled by an accident) that her ‘Trainer’ Lord Brannon hopes will ascend to be a Dragoneye and thus assure the power of the current Emporer.  Keeping her identity is not easy.  Discovery would mean death.  An intriguing presence is Lady Dela, another one who plays the part of one sex but in reality is another, but in her case everyone knows and accepts her as she is. She plays an important part in the saga as soon as she is introduced.  Yes, discovery is in the air.  Evil arises and all seems lost more than once.  The story is the first in the saga.  Eona is the next title.  Eona is the female name of Eon and the name itself – the female name – plays a powerful part in Eon.

A very readable book for those of you who hang in there, like some complexity to the stories you read and are not phased by having a main character be female.  There is a lot of action in the book. If you like dragons – think Eragon, The Dragons of Temaire, Dragonrider and others – Eon is a great read.

Zombies, Vamps, Aliens and Humanity….are we all related?


My last review was basically about an apocalypse…generically speaking, an apocalypse is an apocalypse, right? There are zombies to burn, vampires to stake, and nuclear disasters to survive and Big Evil Organizations that want to take away your rights and humanity, dissolve your will and create nothing more of the earth’s human population than a pliable work force. Think Hunger Games, think Chaos Walking, think Twilight, even think Harry Potter because, for sure, the ‘Common Good’ was no more than ‘We Rule!’. Now comes Rick Yancy’s The 5th Wave and, OMG, this is the most credible dismay of humanity I have read yet.  His meticulous and fresh description an alien invasion of tactically perfect  ‘waves’….1st wave (…the lights go out), 2nd wave (Giant metal slab slams into the Andrea fault…tsunami’s take out a third of the remaining population), 3rd wave (Bird Flu to the max…not too many left at this point), 4th wave (body-snatched humans turned into killing machines) and then and THEN The 5th Wave is chilling to consider.  Rick Yancy does a fine job of creating scenarios, painting the storyline’s landscape and implanting a true sense of dread that can inhabit the reader as they learn of Cassie’s (named after the constellation Cassiopeia) determination to survive when she thinks she may be what’s left of humanity.  Great characters that fill the page and  dialogue that doesn’t waste a word or an emotion.  The writing is not desolate only the situation.  This was –  IS –  a page turner.  Who ARE the aliens?  They are certainly not the E.T. variety or your Star Trek homies but the destruction of earth’s human population is undoubtedly their goal.  Why?  What did we ever do wrong?  Thank you, Rick Yancy, for giving us more questions to ask of ourselves as the world continues to evolve into……

5th wave