Monthly Archives: July 2014

HUNGER GAMES Survival Workshop


Matt Gabriel, outdoorsman specialist, will lead a workshop for 15 lucky tributes on Friday, August 15th from 10 am to Noon.  It’s a tie-in, of course, to the fantastic Hunger Games BUT don’t believe for a moment that what you will learn in the workshop couldn’t save your life (or someone else’s) someday.  Register for the workshop online.. click to link.book3

Dr. Jekyll, I presume…


This week SYNC presents another strong match-up of classic and contemporary: Robert L Stevenson’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Patrick Link’s Headstrong. Complex, terrifying…both books highlight the duality of human nature.  How do we choose to do good or evil? Perfect summer reading. Click on ‘SYNC’ to get to the page and begin.


SteamJunk goes SteamPunk….


steamAmazing! With the help of Nettie Berkeley of the Teen Artists Coalition, Altoids tins became golden treasure keepers, safety goggles became Super Steampunk Goggles and the most amazing creations just happened.  This is not to mention the buzz of conversation about Cosplay, anime/manga, heavy metal music and other tidbits of teen life.  What a great group! All that ‘stuff’ that gets ditched because it is broken, out of date or unused can have a Second Life….spray paint, glue, weird imagination…it all works.  I love Nettie’s ‘philosophy of gathering’: Nothing should be wasted. Not a bad mantra.  This was a good one.  Hope more of you can sign on next time.steampunk 2