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Starbird Murphy and the Outside World…the power of isolation and the power of who you are


Karen Finneyfrock’s Starbird Murphy and the Outside World is a read that takes you to the confines of a commune and the life of Starbird Murphy, an outspoken 16 year old who has never handled money or driven a car.  She lives on the Free Family Farm founded by Earth, kind of a prophet. There is no ownership, all is shared, everyone has their part. Starbird receives her ‘calling’ (something everyone gets at sometime in their life) to go work in the Free Family’s café in Seattle. The ‘calling’ is not to her liking but she goes to the ‘outside world’ to meet it.  While the story revolves around Starbird the other characters – mother, community members, potential boyfriends, friends – all have  unique positions in the book.  While I read it, I was reminded of all those communes of the 60s & 70s which began with such good intention.  So it is with the Free Family Farm. Things are changing, some to good some to  bad.  Starbird is the centerpoint in some ways.  She is a ‘holder of the true way’ in her mind and can be judgmental but is also questioning basic human behavior that supposedly doesn’t happen at The Farm… it’s how the Outside World lives with disrespect and greed. She learns a lot and is seemingly strong enough to handle it.  I enjoyed reading the book. I like Starbird and her questioning of everything.  Can life really be perfect? Can we always be fair, respectful and downsize our own needs for the good of all? Good questions.  The book is fun, too, and well written.  For those of us who lead a predictable life of accruing goods and making more money, life on The Farm would be anarchy, but to those members who choose to live their lives in Community that shuns More, is it wrong? Don’t know…

starbird murphy

Nailing the Nails…workshop with Black Orchid Nail Design


nail artThis little picture is called a ‘thumbnail’ but, frankly, you are going to get to do ALL your nails at this workshop.  Nicole Perullo, certified Master Pedicurist and Manicurist of Black Orchid Nail Design, will be doing nails and sharing trade secrets for keeping your nails healthy and fantastic. The workshop is free but space is limited so please register online. Bling It Up or Make It Up… just in time for holiday sparkle and fancy if that’s what you like.  You can ask Nicole, too, about she came to her chosen profession, so let’s thrrow in a little career inquiry, too! All supplies provided. Just come and have fun.

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The 5th Wave crashes into The Infinite Sea…..


infinite seaWell…where did we leave off? Who’s left to trust? What are the Others up to?  The first ‘chapter’ of Rick Yancy’s sequel to The 5th Wave, The Wheat, is shocking and heart-ending. Yes, ending, not rending. And then we move onto the world as The Others have known would be there for them when the time was right and the world that humans cannot even come close to comprehending or even surviving.  Main characters reappear. Some finitely so…others even deeper and darker.  This is a thriller of maximum quantity.  The Infinite Sea continues the story of understanding humanness and just  what and whom wants to wipe it out. Not contain it. Not subdue it. Wipe. It. Out. A combination of technology and plain human survival techniques (psychological and physical), this is a book that can change your view of just what ‘the end of the world’ could be like.  You just nevah’ know. The writing and characters are so good.  I cannot go into detail about characters and plots and what is happening all the time. Don’t write that way BUT I highly recommend this title for male or female readers of books such as The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Maze Runner, etc.. This one is up there with The Hunger Games for me only because of how the plot is plotted and the story device, I’d say it is a more complex and rewarding read. Read it and keep waiting for more…..5th wave