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The Shades of London….are freaky.


Maureen Johnson’s (…of 13 Little Blue Envelopes fame) is writing one of my favorite paranormal series, ‘The Shades of London’: Book 1 In the Name of the Star; Book 2 The Madness Beneath and now Book 3 The Shadow Cabinet.  What I like about these books: London, London, London and vivid storytelling.  In ‘The Shadow Cabinet’ the heart-rending ending (rhyming reviews now!) breathes into the next concern about death, ghosts and the living mingling.  The hunt is on for Jane Quaint – introduced in the previous book – as she was the one last seen with a missing roommate of Rory’s.  Rory is desperate to know if Stephen is alive or dead: she watched him die and yet with her acquaintance with being in touch with ‘the dead’, she is not sure whether Stephen really is dead. The frame of this story to me is not as well constructed as the other two titles.  There are two very vicious ‘dead’ nemesis – twins, Sadie and Syd – a little too over the top malevolent for me. But, it’s a good read.  Rory is still there, the team that works to rid London of  dead people not quite crossed over is still there, and the details about London and other cities being points of ‘crossing over’ for the dead is pretty darn interesting.  Old cities have tales and Maureen Johnson has built some good ones of her own on this old city of London. Recommend for paranormal readers and readers who enjoy ‘teamwork.’

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