Monthly Archives: December 2017

It is almost a new year. Remarkable.


Why an octopus? Why not? Tonight downstairs Courtney Depasquale is doing a Teen Improv workshop for 6 teens and one mom (who slipped in…).  It is very cold outside, very dark.  The books are waiting for readers, so many GREAT READS! I just read a great blog post entitled “I’m a Teenager and I don’t Like Young Adult books.” So I am going to try to post it here because it makes sense and it is funny and the writer is honest with herself. Here is the link from Huffington Post YA Lit…not for me which is what I called the article to give you something to click on.  Who even reads blogs? I am thinking positive here.  Like the octopus which may only live for three years, ah, but what a life (if one of your fellow octopuses don’t eat you). Go with the flow, I guess.