Obviously, the Groundhog has nothing to do with waking up to Spring….


So it is May, May 4th to be exact.  The lure of the SandwichTeenBookbites Blog hasn’t pulled me anywhere lately except now.  The Future is Summer! While for YA readers (6th-12th grades) there is no particular Summer Reading sign-on, there is STILL a theme and a Hope and a Need for Teen Volunteers (TVs).  The Summer Reads theme is………..

TaDa! Libraries Rock.  Summer Jobs, Camps, learning to drive, babysitting, swimming – WHAT! The Boardwalk is not open! for good reason, hanging with friends, traveling, trying to stay out of trouble, rock climbing (I hope.  It is great.), sleeping (Oh, yes, glorious sleeps to noon are ahead sometimes.) and more.  The Library will be OPEN and please come and find your mind perks here.

The First TV meeting will be Thursday, May 10, 5:30 -7 pm.  The first half an hour is introduction to the TV opportunities.  The moments between 6 and 7 are for getting a head start on the Library Rocks Project for our younger summer reading registration participants.  Please join us if you are interested.  We will be in Room 1 of the Library.

And now that the blog has awoken, more to come. Thanks.


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