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Here Me Now….for FREE!


Great books, great listens. Great price.  Audio books can get you through a long drive, a long afternoon (or morning) and just get you through to the next whatever.  Personally, a good book on audio is a fascinating piece of audio theatre.  I hope – if you peek at this blog – that you can give AudioSync a try.  Here is the active link:

It’s coming…..NaNoWriMo!


Yes. It is coming.  National Novel Writing Month in NOVEMBER! My birthday month (drat). So check out the website – – and even more specifically – Why? Well, if you are a nut about writing a novel in one month, this is the CHALLENGE for you.  Adult crazy novel writers must bring it to a wrap with no less than 50,000 words.  Young writers set their own standards (be reasonable since this may just be the practice run for you to do the Great American Teen Novel ala John Green or Libba Bray) and then write like there is no tomorrow – which reminds me of the book They Both Die in the End by Adam Silvera and they have no tomorrow – and then say ‘TA DA!’ and share your work after November 30th.  Challenge yourself, reward yourself, set your self up for disappointment, trial and error and talking with other young writer friends about how this is working for you or not.  Sound like fun? Yeah!

PS: Novel: an invented prose narrative that is usually long and complex and deals especially with human experience through a usually connected sequence of events

(from the website:)

About NaNoWriMo

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is a fun, seat-of-your-pants approach to creative writing. The challenge: draft an entire novel during the month of November.

Why do it? For 30 crazy, exciting, surprising days, you get to lock away your inner editor, let your imagination take over, and just create!

Participants begin writing November 1 and must finish by 11:59 PM on November 30. The word-count goal for our adult program is 50,000 words, but the Young Writers Program (YWP) allows 17-and-under participants to set reasonable-but-challenging individual word-count goals.

Novelists can write directly on our website (or in a separate document), find inspiration in our noveling resources, and tap a worldwide community of fellow writers for support.

And all that in between, well, I hope it was good. Notes from the end.


Today is August 24th. The last post took place in June.  Kind of a ‘sandwich’ moment: The summer was filled with great Teen Volunteers, some Quidditch, some ice cream, a superior puppet show by the Sandwich Junior Puppeteers, lots of reading, greeting and meeting people from all over the world.  In this photo Nate has gone after some ‘big trash’ at our recent Talbot’s Point volunteer clean-up.  Actually the trail was pretty clean – disappointing in one way – but the parking lot gave us more than enough to pick up and bag.

Sooooo, summer is wrapping. What is ahead for teens at the Library? I am always in need of knowing what works for our teen patrons. Coming up: a new form of Teen (7th-9th grades) book discussion group; The Write Workshop for teens who write (fiction, news, podcast, research) complemented by local ‘know-it-alls’ who share their knowledge (Three part workshop) and ????

What exactly is on your mind? If your local public library can be of any assistance – providing a room to meet or the time to confer – please make it so.  Keep in touch.  Blast off to this new school year.  Thank you for all you do for your community and your family.

I am not lost, I am searching.

Finding a Book is more than just walking into the Library….


teenbookfinderappFirst of all, all the public Library wants to be the first stop digitally or physically in your search for reading and resource material (Remember…we’re FREE!) and we know you have choice.  Here’s an app which is available for both Iphones/Ipads and Android users.  The Young Adult Library Services Association, a subgroup of the American Library Association, provides the service app. Another resource for those of you who are seeking, seeking, seeking because there is SO MUCH out there. I have just downloaded it myself so will share more about my experience as the days wane on. Try it. Tell me what you think.2uk_bor

Summer of the Spark….gone and not forgotten.


spark-teen-english-poster-rgbAddendum to Summer 2014: 38 online Spark a Reaction participants, 61 reviews (decent, yes!); Steampunk workshop with Nettie Berkeley (positively divergent); Survival of the Fittest Workshop with Matt Gabriel (eating off the lawn and more…), Teen Fiction Craft Workshop with Kate Conway (write it, write it, write it, write it, ad infinitum) and the Hunger Games Wrap at Town Hall (Big Picture? A great turnout and some lucky raffle winners + CAKE!). I suspect you all had a busy summer, and if not, that’s good, too, because summer should be about the relax, the wait and the gotothebeachnowandhangwithfriends moments.  Must thank the Sandwich Kiwanis Levreault Trust and the Sandwich Artisans for their generous grants that make a lot of the children’s and teen programming possible. So onward…already in the works is the return of Andy & Veronica Fish with a Comic Art Workshop open to anyone over the age of 12 years.  Still must plan for more….WHAT’S ON YOUR MIND FOR A YA PROGRAM AT THE LIBRARY? Which reminds me of the wonderful Teen Volunteers (TVs) this summer who did everything from scoop ice cream, perform hazardous science experiments, shelve way too many books, wrote reviews, cleaned up and showed up when needed. You are the best! Now, how to entertain you and get more of you to hang out here (when not volunteering)…suggestions? Gosh, if I go on much longer this will be a ramble instead of a post. Thanks for the spark of Summer 2014.










And did you know about the FREE FREE FREE?



yes!!! Magazines…FREE!  Books….FREE (to keep)  Music…FREE!  Obviously these are little known secrets among our teen patrons and teen patrons who aren’t teen patrons – yet. Yet, just with your little yellow card # and PIN you can access and download current issue magazines, download and keep a somewhat decent list of free books, and up to 3 FREE music downloads a week.  People, we are talking Access with a Capitol A!  While the library pays for this accessibility, you do not.  It’s just a perk of Library Land citizenship.  So, if you peek at this post, try it by going to our website or the OCLN website and check it out.  You MUST have an OLCN card to get this deal but, hey, it’s free.  And, get this, you don’t even have to come to the Library to do this! But we still like to see you once in awhile so please do, do, do download magazines, music and books for free and pick up the latest Gone novel by stopping in to the Library of Choice in Sandwich.

My First Obituary….



its kind ofOn December 20th Jarrett Kroscozka posted on FB his sadness at the passing of a friend, Ned Vizzini.  It was a shocker for me, too, and you all out there have heard of Ned, if not his name, his works:  Be More Chill, It’s Kind of a Funny Story (book and movie) and more from TV to essays to lots of readable moments.  Why mention the demise of a young writer?  Ned wrote from his own experience of mental instability and struggle and success.  He died a suicide at age 32 years.  I don’t like reading about the ‘failure’ of a successful writer to want to live, who seemed to be keeping the black dog at bay but not really.  It’s not a happy subject.  Here on Cape Cod adults and teens struggle with these issues, too, and writing and talking about it are ways of coping, but you don’t like to read these stories about ‘failure’….   I’ll go back to his books and mull the story as I now know the ending in real life.  Let’s keep the writing and talking going, read the stories, and be vigilant about making sense of our lives.  I don’t think Ned’s action diminishes his literature in any way.  You do write reality even if it’s disguised as superheroes or dragons or fashionistas or mixed-up adolescent teens.  You just gotta look a little deeper than the cover sometimes.  Thanks, Ned, you are a good writer.  I’ll miss the more to come part.

From the LA TIMES….

Writer Ned Vizzini died Thursday at age 32 in New York, the city’s medical examiner has confirmed. Vizzini committed suicide.

Vizzini was a successful young adult author who had found a place in Hollywood. He published his first book, “It’s Kind of a Funny Story,” in 2006. The semi-autobiographical story about an ambitious high school student whose suicide attempt lands him in a mental hospital was made into the 2010 film featuring Zach Galifianakis.

By that time, Vizzini had moved to Los Angeles from New York. He published three other books — the science-fiction-inflected novel “Be More Chill,” the essay collection “Teen Angst? Naah,” and 2012’s “The Other Normals,” an alternative fantasy for teens.

His most recent book project was the middle-grade series that began with 2013’s “House of Secrets.” Vizzini co-wrote the book with film director Chris Columbus; a sequel, “House of Secrets: Battle of the Beast” is to be published March 25.

While working on books, Vizzini was also writing for television. He had been working on NBC’s “Believe,” coming in March from J.J. Abrams and Alfonso Cuarón. He was also on the writing staff of “The Last Resort” and he penned scripts for “Teen Wolf.”

Meanwhile, his essays have appeared in The New Yorker and the Los Angeles Review of Books.

Vizzini is survived by his wife Sabra and their son.,0,6354622.story#ixzz2ohfqaRdc


beneath2SUMMER, SUMMER, SUMMER, SUMMER, SUMMER…..ah, the joy.  Here is an invitation to participate in the 2013 Summer Reading for Teens, aka theme, Beneath the Surface registration/signup beginning Saturday, June 22nd HERE at the Library (or at home, it’s online.).  Drop by to register any time from 9:30 am to 2 pm in the Conference Room, grab a doughnut, register at the computer, grab an ice cream sandwich, program calendar, and free book light if you are one of the first 30 to sign up that day.  Never fear, it is painless and I am so excited about our teen programs, opportunities like volunteering, and superior summer reading materials at your library.  And, hey, you SHS folks, your reading list books are in the Teen Reads area.  A number are available as e-books as well.  What lies beneath the surface?  Hard to say but I hope the library can be of service to you this summer with its events and collection of great reading materials.  Teen Vols!!! First meeting Thursday, June 13th at 4:30 and then Saturday, June 15th.  You must attend one of these meetings to volunteer (even past volunteers).  Thanks a bunch.  Hope to see you…more to follow….

Link to the online registration, open June 22nd.



Boston City FlowStill working on gathering ideas for the summer programming ala ‘Beneath the Surface’, the 2013 Teen Reads theme. Went to the last show of ‘West Side Story.’ CanNOT be more amazed and proud of EVERYONE involved in that show. Now, I am also thinking of the seniors headed off soon to parts known and unknown. And, I think and read and read and read so MANY good stories that I wish people could just kick back and read at leisure – non-fiction included (like ‘Outside the Wire: Amercan Soldiers’ Voices from Afghanistan’ edited by Christine Dumaine Leche) or the wonderful audio version of ‘What Came From the Stars’ by Gary Schmidt. Loved it. Incidences of good things just keep piling up. Well, lots to do. I’ll keep you all informed of what’s coming up for the summer that is FREE, FUN, WORTH CHECKING OUT and HAPPENS COURTESY YOUR LOCAL PUBLIC LIBRARY. In the meantime, please keep in touch and use that library card for the following: downloading free music (Freegal); downloading free books (Freader); requesting books; downloading books (Kindle, E-reader, Nook, etc.); using pesky databases for pesky reports; downloading magazines FREE; just pull out that card and have at it.
PS: Check out the RISING STARS section of 5/13/13 CCTimes. Congrats to Evan Denmark and even more Sandwich RSs mentioned.