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And all that in between, well, I hope it was good. Notes from the end.


Today is August 24th. The last post took place in June.  Kind of a ‘sandwich’ moment: The summer was filled with great Teen Volunteers, some Quidditch, some ice cream, a superior puppet show by the Sandwich Junior Puppeteers, lots of reading, greeting and meeting people from all over the world.  In this photo Nate has gone after some ‘big trash’ at our recent Talbot’s Point volunteer clean-up.  Actually the trail was pretty clean – disappointing in one way – but the parking lot gave us more than enough to pick up and bag.

Sooooo, summer is wrapping. What is ahead for teens at the Library? I am always in need of knowing what works for our teen patrons. Coming up: a new form of Teen (7th-9th grades) book discussion group; The Write Workshop for teens who write (fiction, news, podcast, research) complemented by local ‘know-it-alls’ who share their knowledge (Three part workshop) and ????

What exactly is on your mind? If your local public library can be of any assistance – providing a room to meet or the time to confer – please make it so.  Keep in touch.  Blast off to this new school year.  Thank you for all you do for your community and your family.

I am not lost, I am searching.


The Fishes are FANtastic!


Andy and Veronica are such a great team of artists! The Comic Art Workshop was practical, enlightening and oh, so fun for the participants.  Here are some of the photos.  Some very helpful basic techniques as well as tricks of the comic art trade were shared, where to get supplies, resources for more information, books to read about comic art, books to read that ARE comic art.  Super Workshop!  Do you know why many superheroes wear capes? I do! I learned that little tidbit on Saturday. Fascinating. Well, here are some snaps….IMG_4177 IMG_4178 IMG_4176IMG_4183 IMG_4184

Blog, blog, blog…is it to be? Yes! Andy & Veronica are here on March 7th!


andy1Andy and Veronica Fish will be doing their thing which is SO great on Saturday, March 7th, from 1-2:15 pm.  Their last appointment here was botched – by them – and they are ever so happy to make this visit spectacular for the participants. Bring your art work, your favorite pencils, your ideas and learn about comic art and its techniques.  Ages 13 years and older invited to REGISTER online at MFP image

SteamJunk goes SteamPunk….


steamAmazing! With the help of Nettie Berkeley of the Teen Artists Coalition, Altoids tins became golden treasure keepers, safety goggles became Super Steampunk Goggles and the most amazing creations just happened.  This is not to mention the buzz of conversation about Cosplay, anime/manga, heavy metal music and other tidbits of teen life.  What a great group! All that ‘stuff’ that gets ditched because it is broken, out of date or unused can have a Second Life….spray paint, glue, weird imagination…it all works.  I love Nettie’s ‘philosophy of gathering’: Nothing should be wasted. Not a bad mantra.  This was a good one.  Hope more of you can sign on next time.steampunk 2

The Numbers are building…..


June 21st hit and we have ignition for the ‘Spark a Reaction’ Teen Summer Reads.  If you have signed on but haven’t picked up your Chipotle Restaurant gift card and SR pin, stop by the Children’s Desk and receive!  I’d love to give all 100 away (and I have a good start) but there is nothing like giving away a good deal, which this is.  Reviews have started. Thank you!  Next week’s program with the Teen Artists’ Coalition still has a few openings.  This will be SO AMAZING! Supplies provided but you can bring an item (clothing, too) that you’d like to steampunk out as well.  Continue the Good Times and Thank You.Picture1

Yes, People….Summer is Here! Register online for the ‘Spark a Reaction’ Summer Teen Reads 2014


spark1sync summer 2013Picture1teen fiction craft series sandwich (1) (1)P1080130

Reading, writing, dreaming, steampunking, Hunger Games survival training…and more.  Register for Teen Summer Reading at  ‘So easy and you receive a gift card to Chipotle Restaurants. Please search high and low for great things to do this summer (including relaxing) and don’t forget your local library (or any library, anywhere).  There is still room in the Steampunk Oddments Workshop with Nettie Berkeley.  Register online at, Events.  You need to have hit  the lucky ’13’ years to do this, though.  Have a great summer and keep in touch.