All new book reveiws submitted, committed and not omitted will be accessible by clicking on review titles ‘subpages’ right.  This page is the ‘parent page’ (No, it does not yell at you if you read after curfew.).  I am hoping this works for those of you who are daring enough to explore this blog.  New reviewers in the works, ACTUAL TEEN READERS!!!  I will always put MY 2 cents in, though, about titles/magazines/articles/things of interests @ the written word here.  Thanks for checking in.  Get ready for some new talent on the block.  HEY!  I’d love some MASCULINE perspective reviewers, too.  DO NOT freak out about complexity of reviewing a book/magazine/graphic/manga etc.  This is MEANT to be information and fun not scholarly and not fun.  So, if you are a girl person reading this blog tell your known boy persons about it if you know they do the reading thing; if you are a boy person who’d like to get a word in edgewise, consider doing it the blogger way…just contact me.  Thanks and support the word!

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