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FIND WHAT’S OUT THERE AT YOUR LIBRARY…what’s that all about?


Registration is up and running for the summer reads online program for readers entering grades 6th thru 10th.  The link is next to the posts.  You can keep your book list up-to-date, submit reviews and be entered in an end of summer drawing for a MP3 Player, Itunes cards and other good stuff.  Take a look at upcoming Teen Events starting with the July 2nd Mehndi for Teens with returning Mehndi artist, Su Coburn.  Last summer both the girls and boys enjoyed getting this ‘temporary tattoo’ art. Check this site out for info:

As for the books, I just finished reading The Other Side of the Island which was great.  I received a lot of good reads  recommendations at the schools when Mr. Parsons and I visited to sell the summer reads programs.  There is so much out there, TOO MUCH OF A GOOD THING?  I don’t think so, you just have to learn how to make choices because, frankly, you’ll probably be  doing more than just reading this summer.  But I do want to promote the ‘Just Show Up’ Teen Book Discussion on July 16th (Down the Rabbit Hole) and August 6 (The Other Side of the Island).  Copies are still available for those early signer uppers.
I’ll be accessing some new titles this week, so keep an eye out for them.  In the meantime, if you are reading this blog, send some comments/reviews/suggestions in….I’d love someone else’s opinion other than my own.  See ya. 



The library staff (Children’s & Teen) are in full swing readying  for the summer theme.  For kids it’s ‘Starship Adventure at your Library’; for teens it is ‘Find What’s Out There at your Library.’  Maybe you wonder why the jedi thing is up there in the title….well, glad you asked.  As I read the Cape Cod Times article on Sandwich High School’s graduation, there was Kevin Jumper (or is it Peter?), valedictorian, mentioning Yoda and Master Luke Skywalker.  AND Mr. Parsons & I have been featuring some of those same Star Wars icons in our presentations to the younger grades.  So, what is it with the Star Wars motif?  Is it the hero aspect, is it the amazing special effects of the movies, is the iconic story of good versus evil or is it just commercialism with a really long shelf life?  I don’t know.  There is something to be said about science fiction and the way a good sci-fi novel tells a story.  So, what is the point of this paragraph?  Just to entice you to check out the pages on the 2 books we’ll be doing for the ‘Just Show Up’ Teen Book Discussions:  Down the Rabbit Holeby Cape author, Peter Abrahams and The Other Side of the Island by Allegra Goodman.  The 1st book is a mystery and the 2nd is science fiction.  The cool thing about these 2 discussions (7/16 & 8/6) is that the first 10 readers who sign up receive a copy of the book to keep.  You don’t HAVE to register to come, just show up if you like.  Take a look at the page entitled ‘Just Show Up’ for a simple expose of the 2 books. 

If you are a reader entering 6th grade through 9th grade, register online at, click on ‘S’ for Sandwich, for the ‘Find What’s Out There’ at your Library summer read program for teens.  Just registering gets you nifty flying thing as a gift at the end of the summer.  If you complete the task of reading 5 books (graphic novels & manga/anime count as does non-fiction) you get an invite to the summer wrap-up party with Brett ‘YoYo Man’ Outchcunis on August 13th, Thursday. If you register, read the five books AND submit a book review or two (or three, four, five…there is no cutoff) that fits the review criteria, THEN your name is entered to win decent MP3 player,  I Tunes cards and/or cool something.  Hope you do.  Anyway, more about that later.  Always, if you have questions you can email me at  More later, I have to find that article to make sure I have the SHS valedictorian and salutatorian correct.