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winter placeAnother ghost story. Finland. Big sister. Little brother. Dead parents. Bear. Hiisi (Finnish troublesome devilish elemental). Grandparents. Lost souls. Choosing Life. Choosing Death. Family bonds. Cold. Winter. Kalevala.  Never give up. … I always was a sucker for books that take place in a desolate place that harbors warmth stubbornly.  Thriller of a ghost story.

‘Twas the day before the day before New Year’s day….

Blogs are not what they used to be.  Still there’s a few things to share.  The Teen Reads area had a pretty quiet fall (with great circulation of reading materials and new titles coming in in person and online), Mockingjay 2 came out AND Star Wars (yet to see either) and the New Year dawns soon.

In honor of all those great Young Adult books that get made into movies – some good, some bad, some awful, some amazing – SPL is hosting a movie night and two book2movie rumbles (A book2movie rumble is a loose gathering of interested parties; interested because they like the book, they like movies, they like to write, they like to go to movies, they have a better idea when it comes to taking this book from page to screen…).  Thursday, January 28th, 6:30 pm we’ll be screening the movie based on ‘Me, Earl and the Dying Girl‘. Copies of the book will be available in the Teen Reads area. The movie is rated PG-13.  You are waaaay to young to know about ‘Love Story’, but you read and saw John Green’s ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ perhaps.  The book is akin to that scenario but, in my opinion, less flashy, more humor and more realistic.  The movie is all that and more.  If you are a film buff I think you’ll like this one.  Guys would even like this one.

Two more Book2Movie Rumbles will be held in February and April this time with books that have been optioned for filming.  Hopefully, I will snag someone to talk about writing for the screen or you will learn about creating min-movies on your smart phone or we’ll just talk about all the great things that happen in books that don’t make it to the screen.  These two titles have not been chosen yet.  Do my work for me and suggest a book that has been optioned and it will be considered for the Rumble.

Oh, by the way, The 5th Wave, Rick Yancy’s amazing dystopian novel, will be released as a movie in January of 2016.

The movie...

The movie…

Twas the night….


Says it all. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  I will SO try to do better next year in keeping up with relevant and reading posts from the Land of the Library.


I knew when the book came in…had just heard a review of the independent film…and wanted the book on our shelves.  Now I have to wait to get my copy because it is always out.  AND…I watched the movie BEFORE I read the book.  S’kay, though.  I am going to highly recommend the book and the movie.  Yes, it’s cancer, it’s the ‘outsiders’ at school, it’s homemade film-making (the characters do this, not the movie makers), it’s weird but loving parents. So many nuances make this a worthy film to watch.  Read the book? I think you should.  The movie is hilarious in spots with an underlying emotionality that blew me away at the end of story.  Meet Greg, Earl and Rachael. Yes, they are the Me and Earl and the Dying Girl of book fame. Now available at your local library.

PostScript: Loved the book, too. Running dialogue of Greg’s mind, his movie camera look at his world all make for hearing the voices of characters and feeling the angst, confusion and unknown ‘me-ness’ of Greg, Earl, Rachel, Madison, the entire menu of book people.  The book is significantly different in surface ways but still carries as does the movie, the intention of discovery of self and how much we will NEVER know about another person.

The movie...

The movie…

The book cover, HC.

The book cover, HC.

Tween/Teen Tuesdays presents ROLLER GIRL Skype with Victoria Jamieson

Do you not love a moment like this? Roller Girl, one of STEM Academy’s recommended titles for summer is a great graphic novel. Register online to attend (If you are one of the 1st five you receive a free copy of the book!). Pizza, too.  Jenn McGrail, former Roller Girl, will be with us to share the real deal on roller derby. Why not! Register at, Events. Ages 11-19.  Click here for Victoria Jamieson’s blog.


On your bike, get ready, go…



Thank you Sandwich Kiwanis for a marvelous workshop with Eric Hillebrand from Sturgis Charter School.  What I felt was really great was how Eric builds bikes from ‘parts’ and more, i.e., he’s made some really ka bikes from dump runs, finding the frames and then retrofitting and re-inventing the bike for use.  And it was a beautiful day to work on bikes outside.  Eric brought tons of parts and experience for the participants.  Let’s bike more, walk more and just get out there. Thank you!IMG_4695 IMG_4697 IMG_4698 IMG_4699 IMG_4700 IMG_4701 IMG_4702

Bike Up! Sun Masks! Roller Girl! Tiny Movies! Yoga! Things to experience at your library….

MtnBike1_Fruita_MIKick-off Tween/Teen Tuesdays @ SPL.


June 30th, 3-6 pm


w/Eric Hillenbrand

Got bike? Can you fix your flat tire? Change a chain? Adjust brakes?  This marvelous working workshop with Sturgis Faculty member Eric Hillenbrand will give you the start to taking care of your bike. Eric started the Bike Club at Sturgis in 2007, has biked extensively (in a LOT of places) and loves the BIKE.  Ages 10 to 19 years are welcome to bring their bike to this workshop and learn about minor repairs. This is NOT where you have Eric fix your bike, this is where YOU learn to fix your bike. Ask questions. Share bike stories. Please register at, Events. Hope to see you there.

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