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This Star Won’t Go Out….Esther Grace Earl


TSWGO-TFiOSThe Sandwich Library has a second copy of Esther Earl’s ‘This Star Won’t Go Out’. Those of you who have read the book know Esther’s journals were/are amazing, an inspiration, a remark that may get the rest of us to taste and savor each moment of our lives. I have now gone to  the TSWGO foundation website.  How to do good after a Big Bad…we all have choices. Esther’s choice to live her life as only she  live it inspired a writer to write an amazing book and many others just to go out and do their best for others and themselves.  Next month’s Teen Read Week theme is ‘Turn Dreams Into Reality’ tacks into this sense of making something happen while you have the time. What dreams do you have? Write a Hit Song? Date with the Love of your Dream Life? Writing the Perfect Paper? Getting a Dog? Making the Team? Having a Pretty Good Day? It’s a pretty good theme as themes go, I think. Good luck out there, and thank you to Esther Grace Earl, wherever she is, she’s done a lot of great stuff already.