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Teen Poet Speak needs Poets and Audience!!! Please support your local teen poet.


steallikeTomorrow SPL hosts the Teen Poet Speak 2015.  Prizes, food, poetry but most importantly, YOU!  Come and support poetry by being there.  Support your soul by listening.  Poets still welcome to come..entry form online in previous post. Watch this amazing poet speak his poem so eloquently. Must listen. Poetry.

PUSH by Marty S. Dalton



Teen Poets on Cape Cod…shy, not shy, wordy, not wordy, drama or no drama…Sandwich Public Library is hosting a TEEN POET SPEAK/SLAM on Thursday, April 30th 6:30-8:30 pm.  Want to know more? A poetry slam is the dynamic duo of poetry and out loud voice.  Check out the links provided for more information.  Entry form link as well. This is open to all  teens living on Cape Cod, ages 13-18 years.  All poetry must be suitable for a public audience.

Entry Form

Resources for Teens Academy of Poets

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