Wrestlemania & Game Night…1 for the books, actually 2 for the books

WWW Reading Challenge 2009-10

All it takes is 10 books & your reading mind

First, let’s just say I am into the color enhancement of these new posts.  To the left is the visual for Wrestlemania Reading Challenge 1009-10.  This is a very simple way to have some fun.  Simply read 10 books and turn in a log made available in the Teen Reads Area near the Wrestlemania poster.  Take home a Bookmark Contest flyer….create….return….win recognition and maybe, just maybe…$2000 and a trip to WrestleMania 26.  Don’t like wrestling?  Let’s talk about that later…this could be fun for non-wrestlers and wrestlers alike, especially the artistic, ‘readie’ ones.

Smash Brothers @ SPL

And our Game Night with Ooch featured some good things…the DuckTape Mania was staffed by Michael Vitacco and, I believe, the wonders of ducktape has new fans now.

Ooch has the complete set-up for gaming, and thank you to Emily Dehainut and John Bishop for acting as gaming assistants for Ooch.  We had 25 gamers and ‘tapers’ show up.  The Magic the Gathering table also saw a lot of action.  Thank you to Ben Johnson-Staub for providing guidance and expertise for the game.  I hope as the Teen Advisory Group gets going, more suggestions & ideas can manifest from YOU, the teen patron.  Thanks for coming if you were there.  Thanks for reading.

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